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 IATOME ELECTRIC: Company Profile
IATOME ELECTRIC has been designing and building power electronic products since its inception in 2010. The core competency of the company revolves around switched mode power converters and specifically high voltage power supplies that work on switched mode technology. The knowledge and experience on these technology and products has been gained over a course of 25 years of work in academic and industries dealing on the subject.

The company is a private limited company and promoted by its directors and private investors. Our office, lab and manufacturing facility are located at Coimbatore in South India.

We have a complete in-house team and the required infrastructure for the design and manufacture of a modern power converter. This includes a fully functional High Voltage and X-Ray Test laboratory with personnel trained in radiation and high voltage safety.

The focus of the company is to design and manufacture x-ray equipment and high voltage power units. The company manufactures x-ray generators & products for medical, security or industrial x-ray imaging applications.
Iatome Logo
Ions and Electrons are the elementary particle constituents, the controlled flow of which enables the Control and Conversion of Electric Power - Enabling & Empowering Technology.
IATOME - pronounced "i - atom"
The Logo represents
the Electron Cloud of an Atom
ALERIO X-Rays are diagnostic x-ray equipment brand owned by IATOME ELECTRIC. ALERIO X-Rays are quality and safety certified and have regulatory approvals for manufacture and sale. These products are marketed, sold and serviced via our channel partners. We have a pan India reach. ALERIO X-Ray equipment are exported worldwide.

Link to our product website www.alerio.in

We also sell x-ray sources to OEMs under the ARIMA brand.

IATOME ELECTRIC is an ISO13485 certified company for the design, development, manufacture and sale of x-ray equipmemt. The company has BIS & AERB licenses for commercial production & sale of x-ray equipment.